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The best part of any celebration, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, christening or a simple family BBQ, is the memories you take with you. 

It might be the memory of your child opening a gift they love, dancing up a storm with your friends, or watching a newly wedded couple cut their cake together.

Besides photos, there are plenty of other ways you can fill your home with tokens from your special event that will bring back the happy memories for years to come.



Event Signs

Event signs are so simple to move around at an event. You can have a sign to welcome your guests and then move it to be part of a backdrop or photo booth. Then when it’s time to go home, it can become a special touch to your home décor or you could hang it by your front door to welcome visitors.

Signs from a christening can easily be hung on nursery doors or over your child’s cot.

Some of our customers even like to turn their signs into a guest book and hang them in pride of place at home so they can reread the lovely messages from friends and family whenever they want.



Cake Toppers

Make sure to keep your cake toppers after the event, they can be reused at future parties or even lent to family and friends for them to use.


Another idea is to cut off the support stick and reuse the topper on a keepsake box or photo album to add another meaningful touch.

We have even seen people make them a showpiece by putting them in a decorated vase or pot plant, so they will always have the memory of their special event in their home.


Place Names

If you have personalised place names for your guests, why not encourage them to take them home as a gift? Everyone loves a personalised present. Your guests (or you) could choose to stick them on a photo frame with a picture from the event, make it a magnet for the fridge or even use it as a bookmark.



Personalised ring boxes

Personalised ring boxes add a wonderful touch to a wedding (and look beautiful in photos!). After the wedding, you may choose to keep the box to store your ring when you’re not wearing it, or you can even make it a keepsake box and keep a few cherished items in it from your wedding.

You could also keep it for your kids so they have something from your wedding day and they can keep some of their own special treasures in there.

These are just a few of the simple ways you can reuse your party decorations to help spark the wonderful memories of your special event.

Let us know in the comments any ideas you can think of how to reuse party decorations – we’d love to hear them!

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